SplitVent Update – March 30

IToday’s work was divided between testing and lot of show-n-listen with RTs, physicians, and hospital leadership. We enjoyed lots of great input from the twitterverse, please keep the comments coming!

The major updates from today:

  1. We re-tested the valve designed by Nate Surls and his colleagues. The most closed position now still allows flow through as a safety precaution. Also, the knob is much easier to manipulate and the threads seal better. Check GitHub for the latest STLs.
  2. The issue of controlling PEEP for each patient was raised by our clinicians as well as online. Initially we thought that the PEEP valves on our Ambus might work, but realized this isn’t the case. We’ve heard gootd things about this magnetic flow-through valve so we will order a sample tomorrow if they’re available https://iiimedical.com/product/be-30-142/
  3. Joe Koberg has done an amazing job with the software, transitioning the prior text-based proof of concept into the first version of our full fledged “virtual ventilator” screen, check out the screen shot below.
  4. I filmed a brief video update of everything below:
The respiratory rate issue has been fixed!

Things we are working on:

  1. Tomorrow will be primarily focused on testing and validation at the simulation center.
  2. We’re working on clinical protocol development including coming up with a training plan for RTs, nursing, and physicians.
  3. We are looking into adding pressure sensing — this requires a transducer than implementing it in software. We think we have the groundwork laid to a large degree.
  4. We are continuing to figure out scale-up including documentation, build instructions, and so on.

Want to implement at your hospital? All the latest code, STL files, instructions, and documentation is available on our GitHub.