Reboot v.2

I think of all the freely shared wisdom that others have shared on the interwebs, and how I have benefitted from that content over the years. The examples are too numerous to mention. I had hoped this blog might be a place to share broadly, and more than just a little slice of me wishes that I would publish all my life hacks, fun projects, and failures so that others can learn. This is core to my open source philosophy, but I’m (slowly) learning that time is the great equalizer, and balancing priorities in a chaotic life is hard.

So, I’m happy that the blog served its purpose during the earliest and scariest days of the pandemic, allowing me to share Splitvent content. I’m also happy that life moved on – fatherhood, a cross country move, a new house, nocturnal attendinghood, a remodel, fatherhood again, you get the picture

Now, the blog has a new mission — to document our Glasair Sportsman project. The blog will serve as as a build record for the FAA, a place to share my experience for builders following in my footsteps, and be a place to journalize what I hope will be a very special experience. I also hope that as I get into the swing of frequent posts, sharing the other stuff will become part of my rhythm so that the the blog doesn’t go dark again in the post sportsman-build era. We’ll see.

Here we go again!